Sailfish BaY Surf  & Big Game Fishing  Lodge,                Siargao Island , Philippines


Pacifico , San Isidro ,Siargao island , Philippines , 8421,


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English owned . With western standards !

About Sailfish Bay Lodge and Siargao Island , Philippines.

     Sailfishbay offers you the chance to come and relax         and enjoy the peaceful surroundings of  the  beautiful  

Island of Siargao .

  We offer top class surfing just minutes walking

distance from the lodge for the experienced , or if you

just want to learn there is a small beginners break

close to the lodge ,wether you long board or short

board , this is definatly the place to be seen !

  Surfing can be found all year round the island , but

for the best surf we reccomend September to late

November for the serious wave rider and die hards,

bring those extra boards and repair kits for this time

of the year it gets big ! not for the faint hearted !




  We also offer you the chance to get to grips with

probably the best big game fishing to be found any

where in the Philippines .

  Come experience the thrills of all aspects of big game

, wether it be trolling , drift fishing , jigging or night

fishing for big Tuna , Sailfishbay Lodge gives you that

oppertunity to participate .

   Excellent low cost rates which will be hard to beat

from any other tour opperator here on the island , half

day or full day charters and night fishing are all

available .

  All the boats used have the most experienced local

fishermen the island can offer , from local bunker boat

to our own 30 ft catermeran designed  fishing charter.

 All of the boats we own are based in the fishing

village of Pilar a 15 minute car ride from the lodge .

 Our fishing equipment is of the highest quality, with

top brands such as Penn International  ,

Shimano ,Diawa , but to name a few .

 We fish all year around , the only thing that will stop

us is the seas and bad weather !

    The paligic season normally kicks off in March  with

 the Sailfsih coming in and the Marlin coming in around

 May , and finshes around late August .

    If your fish is Big tuna , yellow fin & dog toothed tuna

then plan your visit from August to November and its

drift fishing at night for the best chances off  catching.

    Wahoo ,Spanish Mackeral , Mahi mahi, Bonito ,

Barracuda and small Tuna etc, are generally here all

year round.

    Squid fishing is also very popular here at night time,

along with Red snapper .


 Please feel free to email me and i will do my best to

sort out all of your fishing requests and questions ,


 Remember to check your moon chart for the best

fishing times and tides ,


                   TIGHT LINES ALL









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