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Welcome to my blog


Hi just getting things going now ! And would love to hear from everyone who pops onto my site ,  our aim is  to provide a service unlike any other on the island , if you have anything interesting we might want to know about or do here on Siargao island then let us know !

By marklatham, Apr 25 2019 07:52AM

as we continue fishing here on siargao island , we have had plenty of great days out on the sea , and lots of happy customers , let it continue !

By marklatham, May 13 2015 12:31PM

Been a hectic new year with the fishing being fantastic all round , the island has been producing every month so far and the fish continue to feed in numbers , lets hope it continues as we progress through the year , what with the marlin season nearly apon us , we are all looking forward to it being successful ,

tight lines and hope to see you all here soon ,

By marklatham, Nov 12 2013 08:42PM

This years surf season has been outstanding , with wave after wave of pure surf day in day out ! The lodge full blast with surfers in the last few months has helped us remain a leading compeditor on the east coast for somewhere to stay and eat ! Our new layout of the ground floor plan , having to move the dining area to a seperate room to make way for the pool table has been a great success giving our guests a little bit more to do and somewhere to talk and have a well earned beer ! I would like to take this oppertunity to thank all of my staff for working really hard in keeping up our great service to everyone who comes over and at times putting up with doing a few more hours to make sure are guests get the best ! Especially our chef ! We may not have a fast food outlet where food is on hand in minutes , but what we do cook is cooked fresh ! No frozen food here ! it is one of our policies to make sure the food comes out as perfect as it is possible ,no complaints yet .

As time has moved on into the later part of the season and the surfers have slowly gone home , now is our time to take stock and try and get everything in shape for the christmas period and fix those little things that need doing , ( the car ) ! Yes the company car is in need of repair and a bit of tlc , to which i will be working on this very soon , got to say a thanks to everyone who has been so kind in understanding what its like getting parts and mechanics on the island when things go wrong , yes we have struggled through but managed to get everyone to and from there drop offs , next time you are over we will be ready again , got to say the company car has been worth every penny , and those that have been know !

As you are all very aware the philippines is experiencing alot of typhoons this year with the worst being just recently in Tacloban , Leyte , Samar, our deepest thoughts go out to everyone there and hope you all somehow get back on track ? We were lucky very lucky ! With minimal damage around the island even though the centre of the storm was very close to us, someone was looking down on the island for sure , lets just prey theres not another like it in the near future !

Take care all and hope to see new faces in the near future

Cheers Mark

By marklatham, Oct 18 2012 06:35PM

Well since my last little post things have been up and down from when i returned in may , having finally got the boat up and away and onto the sea things seemed not to be right ? from our first trip out to our last trip last month , theres been a nagging issue with the boat ? vibration ! yes folks its ok if your a woman and you want to sit on your washing machine all day with a big smile on your face ! but on a boat mmmm not the best of things to have going on !

if things all go to plan when i again return it looks like the engines will be out and new mounts put in to sort this issue out i hope ! and thats a bigggg hope !we have tried everything possible to sort it out without running up a huge cost on parts and we think its been a reasonable success , but the bottom line is we need better mounts ! so watch this space !

on the lodge front its been again a mixture of success and disappointment with bookings finally coming through on a more regular basis now with the start being pretty slow as there seemed to be an issue with un-named people telling everyone we were shut and expensive ! but now word is out that we are compeditive with the rest of the field in our area and offer in some cases a better quality of room ! depending on what you want i guess ?

since we don't do snakes and spiders and everything else that crawls on the jungle floor and mosquito heaven found in wards towards the tropical cover and around some neaper made resorts , i think our guests have been reasonably surprised as not to of seen or get bitten as often as you would being associated with island life , so i put that down to being so near and high to the beach and fresh air ! this has been one of our more successful items the guests have liked over other places , not for me to comment but i like the sound coming out of their mouths telling me so lol ! on return i hope i can sort out a few more staff to help out with the running of the lodge as it seems to be taking a toll on my poor wife , with fingers crossed this i hope will go smoothly ! then again this is the philippines ! am i asking to much ? until next time i can tell you more and update the remaining year until then and you want to know more just pop in to the lodge and find out over a beer ! happy hunting folks !

By marklatham, May 8 2012 09:13PM

Well if it all goes well , this week ,with no hiccups then come monday 14th may i'll be on my way home to the island ! Really looking forward to returning and getting on with the last strands of finishing the boat ! Only real items left are the decals and painting the deck ! "thought that was done months ago lol "

But hey at least we are now floating !

Really cannot wait to get out onto the Pacific Ocean and start catching fish and posting loads of great photos of our exploits . We are also hoping we can pick up loads of bookings along the way to make this work for us ? Lots of hopes , ifs and maybes i guess ? But theres been alot of hard work gone into all of this , by so few ! A real big thanks goes out to my long suffering wife who has had to put up with so much in the last 2 years, what with everything that has happened to us both through those and now still rough and tough times. One day hun we will be millioniares lol ! How we wish for the stars !

If dreams were made from hard graft then ours would all start to come true !

Well if you are reading this out there somewhere in the world and fancy coming over , wether it be fishing or surfing or just lazing in the sunshine , then feel free to email us my wife and i and my small team of people will make sure you don't miss a thing here on the little paridise Island of Siargao .

Big thanks also to those who have supported me through thick and thin and given me the courage to do all of this when things looked dim and down , you all know who you are ! With out the encouragement my wife and i would only be thinking and still dreaming of ever doing this ,

well i hope on my return things will start to pay off and finally get to make a few pesos ! cheers mark.

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