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Welcome to my blog


Hi just getting things going now ! And would love to hear from everyone who pops onto my site ,  our aim is  to provide a service unlike any other on the island , if you have anything interesting we might want to know about or do here on Siargao island then let us know !


By marklatham, Oct 18 2012 06:35PM

Well since my last little post things have been up and down from when i returned in may , having finally got the boat up and away and onto the sea things seemed not to be right ? from our first trip out to our last trip last month , theres been a nagging issue with the boat ? vibration ! yes folks its ok if your a woman and you want to sit on your washing machine all day with a big smile on your face ! but on a boat mmmm not the best of things to have going on !

if things all go to plan when i again return it looks like the engines will be out and new mounts put in to sort this issue out i hope ! and thats a bigggg hope !we have tried everything possible to sort it out without running up a huge cost on parts and we think its been a reasonable success , but the bottom line is we need better mounts ! so watch this space !

on the lodge front its been again a mixture of success and disappointment with bookings finally coming through on a more regular basis now with the start being pretty slow as there seemed to be an issue with un-named people telling everyone we were shut and expensive ! but now word is out that we are compeditive with the rest of the field in our area and offer in some cases a better quality of room ! depending on what you want i guess ?

since we don't do snakes and spiders and everything else that crawls on the jungle floor and mosquito heaven found in wards towards the tropical cover and around some neaper made resorts , i think our guests have been reasonably surprised as not to of seen or get bitten as often as you would being associated with island life , so i put that down to being so near and high to the beach and fresh air ! this has been one of our more successful items the guests have liked over other places , not for me to comment but i like the sound coming out of their mouths telling me so lol ! on return i hope i can sort out a few more staff to help out with the running of the lodge as it seems to be taking a toll on my poor wife , with fingers crossed this i hope will go smoothly ! then again this is the philippines ! am i asking to much ? until next time i can tell you more and update the remaining year until then and you want to know more just pop in to the lodge and find out over a beer ! happy hunting folks !

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