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Pacifico , San Isidro ,Siargao island , Philippines , 8421,


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Welcome to my blog


Hi just getting things going now ! And would love to hear from everyone who pops onto my site ,  our aim is  to provide a service unlike any other on the island , if you have anything interesting we might want to know about or do here on Siargao island then let us know !


By marklatham, May 8 2012 09:13PM

Well if it all goes well , this week ,with no hiccups then come monday 14th may i'll be on my way home to the island ! Really looking forward to returning and getting on with the last strands of finishing the boat ! Only real items left are the decals and painting the deck ! "thought that was done months ago lol "

But hey at least we are now floating !

Really cannot wait to get out onto the Pacific Ocean and start catching fish and posting loads of great photos of our exploits . We are also hoping we can pick up loads of bookings along the way to make this work for us ? Lots of hopes , ifs and maybes i guess ? But theres been alot of hard work gone into all of this , by so few ! A real big thanks goes out to my long suffering wife who has had to put up with so much in the last 2 years, what with everything that has happened to us both through those and now still rough and tough times. One day hun we will be millioniares lol ! How we wish for the stars !

If dreams were made from hard graft then ours would all start to come true !

Well if you are reading this out there somewhere in the world and fancy coming over , wether it be fishing or surfing or just lazing in the sunshine , then feel free to email us my wife and i and my small team of people will make sure you don't miss a thing here on the little paridise Island of Siargao .

Big thanks also to those who have supported me through thick and thin and given me the courage to do all of this when things looked dim and down , you all know who you are ! With out the encouragement my wife and i would only be thinking and still dreaming of ever doing this ,

well i hope on my return things will start to pay off and finally get to make a few pesos ! cheers mark.

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