Sailfish BaY Surf  & Big Game Fishing  Lodge,                Siargao Island , Philippines


Pacifico , San Isidro ,Siargao island , Philippines , 8421,


Email -  [email protected]


English owned . With western standards !


please read them , we are not hiding !

1/ Sailfishbay is not liable for any loss, damage to any personal items, theft , illness , injury or death caused by travelling or staying at Sailfishbay.


2/ Sailfishbay reserves the right to cancel a person’s accommodation due to disrespectful behavior


3/ cancelations & bookings


3a /all cancellations must be received in writing


3b/ all deposits are non - refundable


3c/ there are no refunds inside 8 weeks prior to your stay with us, (unless you can find someone else to take your place) Admin fees may occur, or once your holiday has started. this also includes any excusions taken with us i.e - ,road trips ,tours . etc , there will be also no refund inside 1 week for fishing charters or boat hire prior to your set date of going out  with us .


4/ Sailfishbay recommend travel insurance and it is the responsibility of the traveller or guest to arrange his or her travel insurance whilst in their own country prior to their departure to their destination.


5/ Sailfishbay is not liable to pay out any expenses in any situation, due to delays, natural disasters, war, civil unrest , terrorism etc.


6/ Sailfishbay is not responsible for any actions of its guests and will not be involved in any legal matters related to crime, drugs or anything that is against the law in the Philippines.


7/ Sailfishbays guests must have six months validity in there passport before arriving in the Philippines, we do not offer any assistance with immigration or held responsible.


8/Sailfishbay cannot under any circumstances extend a visa and will not be held liable for any overstay or forgetfulness or delay


9/Sailfishbay recommends that all guests travelling to the Philippines should check all safety issues, travel warnings, information, before entering the Philippines.


10/ Sailfishbay is not liable for any internet or computer related issues that may arise due to the course of the booking process


11/all guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied with an adult while staying at Sailfishbay


12/ Sailfishbay will try and do their utmost to maintain their prices shown, however prices may be needed to be adjusted due to circumstances not under are control. Sailfishbay reserves the right to amend prices, before or after your booking. Until full payment has been received .