Sailfish BaY Surf  & Big Game Fishing  Lodge,                Siargao Island , Philippines


Pacifico , San Isidro ,Siargao island , Philippines , 8421,


Email -  [email protected]


English owned . With western standards !



If coming to the island for the first time , please make sure you bring enough cash to last your stay here  , the atm machines are often offline or out of money ,and alot of places do not take credit cards , we DO NOT take credit cards  . Make sure your credit card or debit card is acceptable here , not all cards work , so best to check your bank before you leave .


Try and change your currency in Cebu or Manila at a money changer , the rates will be generally better than here or at your chosen hotel on arrival , the airports money changer rates are very low , so look outside the airport . Most hotels will know of a money changer that can visit your room to save on carry large amounts around , so ask at your front desk, when in Manila or Cebu .


We do advise you set up a Western Union account in your own country , so if there is a need to get money quickly or you become short , you can then send yourself money while you are here , there are Western Union shops everywhere here in the Philippines .














When coming to the island, please bring sun block with you the higher the better, it is not readily available here and if you can find it , it is very expensive !


If you intend to come fishing with us we advise you bring a couple of long armed shirts and long pants to wear when out and a good hat , even on the dark days here you will get sun burnt . the sea reflection gets to you aswell . sunglasses are a must !


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